Civilian Concealed Weapons  License

Unfortunately, there are far too many schools offering "quick/speed training" or "gun show specials".  This is truly NOT PROPER training and can ultimately be dangerous.  


Just think about what it takes to get a driver's license.  We all know what a huge responsiblity it is to operate a motor vehicle. However, firearm use and ownership is a far greater responsibility, and the best training should be your number one priority.  


At Break Leather ALL concealed weapons training is a minimum of 4 HOURS plus range time.

Security Officer Training

Our Security Officer training is TOP NOTCH.


All of the instructors are cerified by the NRA and by the State of Florida. All classes EXCEED the state's requirements because we do not believe in "minimum training requirements."  


We turn out professional and skillfully honed guards.  Due to the time in the classroom and shooting on the range, you will leave our course prepared to handle any situation.

Law Enforcement Training

This couse is designed for Law Enforcement.  

In addition to real world experience, our instructors have been through NRA's Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's Courses. Our instructors have been certified in both handgun and shotgun training and techniques.


Fight ROUTINE, fight being COMPLACENT, FIGHT and WIN if your life is ever on the line.


This course is for COPS by COPS.



Term used in the "Wild West" cowboy era, (approximately 1840-1919), for removing their six-shooter revolvers from their cowhide leather holsters during a gun fight. Now, in modern times it is commonly used by big city police officers when they have to draw their weapons in the line of duty.




Please click on the link to join The USCCA and protect yourself AFTER the shots are fired:


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