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Targeting In On Your Questions:​

In today's world, communication is critical. You can call, message, e-mail, and text us. Here at Break Leather we answer all questions and concerns FORTHWITH. Please feel free to contact us.


Do I need a gun to take a class?

It depends on the class you are taking:

  • For the concealed weapons class, we provide you with a choice between a pistol or a revolver, AT NO EXTRA COST. 

  • For the security classes and other classes you will need to own your own weapon or you will be able to rent one. 


Are there any refunds for training?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Once you attend the class and training there are no refunds. HOWEVER, if you fail to pass the class you're taking, we will allow you one re-test at no extra cost. There is no reason to get nervous or scared about any tests in either the classroom or at the range. We provide you with what you need, and we work with you to get the job done. The majority of Break Leather students achieve passing scores.


What else do I need to do after I pass my class?

At Break Leather it is truly one stop shopping. Most classes we cover other costs, on some classes for an additional fee we can NOTARIZE your application, take your PASSPORT PHOTOS, and assist you with completing your application if applicable. We also have other services available, such as: test and shoot guns; Glock Armorer for Glock repairs; cleaning; and gunsmith services.

 ***REMEMBER!! Training cost are seperate from state fees to process applications***


Where can I purchase ammunition and other gear?

We teach out of many gun ranges in South Florida and we also offer a mobile classroom. The majority of our training is at The Continental Center. Where they offer a plethora of ammo and accessories. Truly one stop shopping!!

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