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Owner and lead instructor Vincent Rocco Onorato was raised by his grandparents and a New York City Fire Fighter after his parents were killed in a tragic event. He didn't have the easiest childhood or upbringing, but it made him into who he is today. After graduating high school, he attended college and majored in Criminal Justice.


Then, soon after, he joined the New York City Police Department. After the attacks on NYC he was assigned to Ground Zero in which he performed everything from rescue/recovery to portable morgue detail. Approximately one year later, after chronic bronchitis and pulmonary infections, Vincent was advised to relocate somewhere without the intense winter conditions... South Florida.


Upon arrival to Florida, he attended the police academy at Broward Institute of Public Safety after he was recruited by Lauderhill PD. Years later he relocated to the West Coast of Florida and joined the Fort Myers Police Department. He now brings his 10+ years of training and experience to the Break Leather classroom located in Stuart, Florida, Martin County.























Current licenses and certifications held:

K License

DI License

G License

D Licence

ASP International Certified Instructor (Baton, Handcuff, & Flashlight) 

CWFL License

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor in Handgun & Patrol Shotgun

NRA Private Security Instructor

Taser Instructor

Certified Glock Armorer

State of Florida Notary

Certified CENTER AXIS RELOCK / C.A.R. Instructor



In todays day and age most modern security companies will require their guards to be first responders. You will need to have CPR / First Aid Training with AED. We offer top notch training here at Break Leather.

With our experienced Firefighter/Paramedic Shad Kirshenbaum, you will be trained and certified by The American Heart Association standards. Shad is as professional as they come, and he also holds AS and AA degrees. 

With over a decade of real world experience and equally important, hands on experience, you can easily see the difference between Shad's class and some out of a book 9 to 5'ers class.


​We offer training in seating rosters of only ten to keep our student teacher ratio down. Cost per person is $50.00, and we have first responder supplies available at additional costs. Certification is good for 2 YEARS.


It’s full circle here at Break Leather. We teach you EVERYTHING all in one spot.

At Break Leather we offer our students a higher level of firearm training. Additionally, we offer high level self-defense and hand to hand combat training classes. Break Leather is proud to have Vincent D’Addario, Professional Martial Artist on our self-defense staff. (Vinnie D)

Not every situation is a deadly force situation. If you're not justified in using deadly force, you better make certain you can use non deadly force in protecting yourself, and just as important, making sure your gun is not taken away from you.

Our less-lethal training will involve you utilizing a training gun the same way you would carry it on a day to day basis.  Fighting while armed is an entirely different playing field then fighting when unarmed. We will focus on weapon retention and keeping your body properly bladed, and the bad-guys hands away from your weapon.


​Vincent, founder of Black Belt United, has been involved with the martial arts community for over two decades. He earned his first 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 12, and has won numerous medals and awards in martial arts.


Vincent is an expert in the Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Hand to Hand Combat and boxing.


Vincent proudly and honorably served his country as a United States Marine, where he has earned a Combat Action Ribbon for duties during Operation Iraqi Freedom III.


Vincent D also has programs and classes available for those wanting to further continue their martial arts training.


Please call (800) 772-CWFL or Follow Links To Black Belt United Located On Home Screen, for information regarding his school and other classes offered.​

Scott Grace brings years of experience to the Break Leather Classroom. Specializing in Military Based Weapons as well as Security Assessments for the home or business, Scott's real world combat experience definitely shows. 

10 years in US Army:

Infantry Charlie Company 2/5 inf. 25th inf Division 

US Army  Infantry  Delta Company 1/124 inf. 53 BCT

Multiple Tours in Iraq


Combat Life Saver Trauma Certified


all small arms PMI instructor for small arms and heavy crew served machine guns


Former Police officer; Road Patrol, Drug & Gang Crime Task Force


EMT and trained Paramedic and fire fighter 


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